XP Log

Player: Tyrs13


Homid: A man of Middle Eastern Descent. He usually wears his park ranger jacket with the sleeves removed and regular jeans. He is fairly shaggy and sports a rough beard)

Lupus: A short haired wolf native to the Deserts of the Middle East.

Rage: 5

Mixed morph (1)
Ancestor Ally (Sara)
Life Saver

Rayla Al'Tyr- A Park Ranger and expert marksmen trained to survive out in the woods. She hunts down poachers and protects the wild life reserve.

Gifts of Note:
Trappers Bane- Senses Traps without need for constant looking. (Free Perception check vs standards DC depending on Trap (Mundane, Magical, Supernatural)
Spirit of the Frey- +10 Initiative, can spend WP for more
Scent of Sight- Can "see" through other senses, can see through Invisibility and in total darkness.
Sense the Unnatural- Always on, gives but requires a check. When he is around anyone supernatural he gets subtle hints: Vampires Smell of Blood, Mages might glimmer with magic, Wraiths may leave a chilling feeling. A Check can be used to interpurt these clues.
Speech of the world- Always on, he understands and speaks every language ever spoke ... tainted languages (Formi or bane), dead languages (Mayan ect.), spirit languages. A roll required to read and write in said language.

Deed Names:

Banality: 6