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Hunter Mechanics


  1. The Edge Discern does not reveal Fae mien, although it may reveal their strangeness if they use Arts or Birthrights next to the Hunter.
  2. Second Sight and Illuminate do reveal "the true nature", so they reveal the Fae mien.

Regarding the relationship of Second Sight and the "visibility edges":

1. Illuminate: allows you to identify other supernaturals, but again ones you can see:
"This edge makes it possible for your character and fellow hunters to identify supernaturals creatures. Not only does it indicates which beings are inhuman, it suggests what kind..."
So it's a "Friend or Foe" system with some details, but it does not reveal invisible creatures.

2. Witness: "Witness allows your character to recognize the nature of supernatural creatures in her presence."
This is the only one specifically mentioning; "This edge expands upon the capabilities of second sight". expands, not duplicates, not replaces.

3. Discern: allows you to gain information on a supernatural you already see without it. It allows you to identify a creature.
"Second Sight reveals creatures that use magic to hide, .... . Discern exposes the features that identify those creatures."

It's plain simple - These powers don't duplicate second sight, they add powers of deduction and identifying, like rolling Lore or Occult.

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