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Werewolf Mechanics

As with all rules, if you desire to contest them, please do so prepared with some good reasons why. We'll go through the why and the wynauts

1. Delrium: Any of the main "races" (vampires, mages, changelings, demons, mummies... and werewolves, duh(and obviously the other changing breeds)) are immune to delirium except for hunters, who experience it fully when they do not have conviction activated and if they are forced into combat during delirium they may reflexively activate conviction. Any of the half-humans (ghouls, sorcerers, mediums, the enchanted, bystanders) except kinfolk experience delirium in full. Also, anything non-human does not experience delirium within ST discretion. A golem would not experience delirium, but a fully created clone would be up for discussion.
2. Renown: The moot is not required to "register" renown except where applicable (monthly renown for chores and such), and any renown increases should be handled with requests detailing the event and how it translates into renown. When you hit 10 temporary renown you are automatically passed on to it becoming 1 permanent as long as it can be assured that you have someone to perform the appropriate rite (sept membership guarantees it). You may only gain up to 2 permanent renown of each renown type per month. This does not apply to losses, which can and will make that renown fall more than it holds. Any "lose all temporary renown" is treated as "lose 6 renown" if no type is specified, lose 6 of each type. When neither of your permanent renown scores match the required level to attain your rank, you lose it and go back to the lowest applicable, no lower than Cliath. You do not lose Gifts when this happens.
3. Rage Recovery: Instead of they "recover depending on moon phase" state, recover 3 rage each day, as well as in any situations applicable. Any temporary rage over your permanent when leaving a stressful situation is lost, but any gained is not limited by the permanent rating.
4. Gnosis Recovery: Instead of the "Meditate to recover gnosis with big difficulties", each week you can recover 1 gnosis up to 3 times with an out-of-scene action consisting of meditation with no rolls required. When a new month begins, recover all Gnosis.
5. Pack: Not required and cannot be requested to consist of a PC and NPC's, a pack must be either fully NPC or fully PC, though a pack must also have a justifiable reason to exist. Occasionally a PC may tagalong to an NPC pack, but this is not a permanent affair and is the exception, not the norm. Personal totems are allowed, though. Do note that to purchase a totem you still need to pay the 2 xp per dot cost for totem, and you will pay the full cost. 
6. Rites: Learning rites does not cost XP, but it does cost talens. The standard price will be 3 talens per level of rite, payable within one month of learning the rite. Rite of Binding, Cleansing and Questing stone are the first recommended. A character learns rites at a rate of Rituals rating per week (so 3 dots in rituals will learn three levels of rites per week)

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