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Changeling Mechanics

Here follow our FINAL and ABSOLUTE ruling regarding changeling-specific mechanics. If you wish to challenge the ruling do so in a polite reasoned manner and prepare for a debate with someone who's been playing Changeling for around 15 years. I am open for *debate*.

Some of these change or even contradict the books. TBS, when you make an argument, a book+page reference is great. I own almost all of them, so don't worry quoting an obscure ruling.


Banality is a measurement of how far from the rule-less wyld and spontaneous world of Arcadia one is. The rigidity of everyday existence in the Autumn world (read: earth) bares on the soul, slowly erasing the Glamour of creation, vitality and spontaneity that is the human dream. The more rigid, repetitive, banal, boring, and lacklustre your life is the greater your banality is. Low banality isn't about innocence, one can be very innocent and lack the spark of dreams. Banality is how wild, creative, spontaneous, lawless, rule-breaking, aspirational, dreaming you soul is. You soul, your inner life, not your outside world. So a computer programmer with tedious and banal lives who spends his weekends Fantasy role-playing and in video-game arcades has a lower banality than a dried-out 'artist' who works in repetitive crafts that has lost his inspiration in life.
Fae carry a piece of the dreaming with them. Their soul is quite literally made of glamour, they are in the deepest sense a physical part of the dreaming itself more then simply inhabitants of the dreaming. That's why they suffer from exposure to Banality (the anti-thesis of the dreaming) and that's also why when they outnumber others, they sort of bring a bit of it to where they are. Whenever you're in a scene with majority Fae, expect Wyld things to happen. Fae are creatures of the Wyld as much as Vampires are creatures of the Wyrm.
However, Changeling have to keep some banality, or they risk loosing themselves in the wyld of their own soul, a state called "Bedlam". Changeling need a balance. Too much Glamour and they find it hard to live everyday lives, too much banality and they risk loosing their Fae self to the mists. As changeling gain banality, their Fae self matures and ages, regardless of their physical age.

  1. Every character on site has a Banality rating. When you enter a scene you roll your Glamour against a difficulty equal the average banality of all participating characters (PCs and NPCs). If you fail, your character feels banality in some subtle ways - nausea, confusing, shivers, discomfort, a tendency to detach and a desire to leave. This is a purely role-play effect, not a mechanics effect, but we expect you to role-play it. Failing to role-playing it means your changeling "braves through it" and tolerates that banality, resulting in 1 temporary banality point. If that brings him to 10 temporary banality points, he will gain one dot of banality after the scene. Botching this role immediately results in 1 temporary banality point (2 if you fail to role-play the effects of failure) and if it brings her to 10 temp. banality, she immediately gains a dot of Banality and experiences some visible and notable sense of loss, lack of drive and passion and physical or emotional pain. This may result in some difficulty increases or dice loss at ST discretion.
  2. Every non-Fae character on site has his banality rating set by the STs. Objections should be submitted politely and respectfully, with detailed arguments, to the Head ST (currently: Yonatan.Huber) for arbitration. You may be asked to present your case to all STs for a consultation. Final judgement is, however, always reserved to the site owner (Glyff), who has absolute veto power (read: dictator of the Roman republic).
  3. Whenever a character or NPC with banality 8+ first enters the scene or encountered in-character, you roll your glamour against diff 8. Follow the results described above (1).
  4. Temporary banality dissipates at a rate of 1 per week if and only if you haven't gained any point of banality this week. On some occasions STs may award (read: Do not ask for it) good role-play with a loss of temporary banality. Good role-play is all about accurately and loyally depicting your character's Kith, legacies and stats. This isn't about being a good person, it's about being a good role-player.
Average Banality Ratings:

Being                                                                      Rating
Children                                                                   3-5
Wraiths and Demons                                                 4
Drunks and "fools"                                                     4-5
Lunatics, Artists and eccentric people                           4-5
Tradition Mages (Dependant on Essence)                     5-7
Mummies (Dependant on dynasty)                               5-8
Malkavian, Toreador or Tremere Vampires                    5-6
Adult Humans                                                            6-7
Werewolves                                                               4-6
Wyrm Creatures                                                         7-8
Hunters                                                                     7-10
Other Vampires                                                          8-9
Technocracy Mages                                                    8-10

Special Locations:

1. Smoke and Mirrors: This establishment is oft patroned by many supernaturals. At the start of every socializing scene in S&M one of the changeling roll 1d10. If they scores 8+, there are currently more Fae than not in the establishment, and they don't need to roll.
2. Call Street Historic District: As the centre of Fae life in Starke, this place is frequent by many Fae and dreamers, Kithian, Kith and their like. The average banality of people here is slightly lowered by both this presence, and the inspiration this historic district pull on the people of Starke. Start-of-scene glamour rolls are made against Average banality-2.

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