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Ruling Imbued House Rules


For Character Creation and XP Costs for Virtues and Edges, refer to Hunter: The Reckoning's Player's Guide. Specifically page 79.

For Information about your Creed (Absolutely necessary to properly roleplay it) refer to the respective Creed Book. 

For additional Edges refer to Creed Books and Hunter the Reckoning: Holy War. 


You may cash in Conviction either:
- Once per month for each virtue (Mercy, Vision, Zeal) 
- Or twice per month for your primary Virtue (Depending on Creed)

You gain: 
- One Conviction weekly every Sunday together with your weekly XP
- One Conviction automatically for participating in an ST-run scene
- A varying amount of Conviction for certain IC actions (Under Hunter-ST discretion, contact @Astro#3066 for that on Discord) 
  - For examples for gains and losses, refer to:

You don't gain: 
- Conviction from gambling on Edges. Period. 

Second Sight/Defenses

- Enables the Hunter to recognize every single supernatural as a supernatural in some way
- Does not identify the kind of supernatural
- Immunity to mind/emotion control (Including Delirium and such)
- See through and recognize illusions (they don't disappear, but you recognize the illusion for what it is)
- Efforts to control your characters body or to possess it fail automatically.
- Reduces Aggravated Damage to Lethal


- Destiny rerolls recharge once a week. (Sundays) 
- Patron is a background to be actively rolled for in certain situations.
   - Tens explode on Patron rolls for Lost Creed Imbued, Infernal Imbued, Divine Imbued and Independent Imbued


When buying an Edge in a path, you can either go with the Core book version as normal or pick the alternative version from the respective Creed book. It's possible to get the alternative version as an Imbued of another Creed, that requires a very solid justification however. Furthermore, in order to prevent an Endgame-level Edge inflation, there is a certain Virtue Point requirement for every level of an Edge, which you need to fulfill before being able to manifest Edges of that level. The chart is as follows:

Edge Level/Minimum Virtue Rating

Damage type revisions:
- Blaze (Innocence 5) deals Aggravated Damage.
- Ravage (Martyrdom 3) deals Aggravated Damage.
- Respire (Redemption 3) deals Lethal Damage and heals Lethal Damage. It may only be used to heal Aggravated Damage on Hunters or mortal Humans.
- Restore (Vision 4) heals Aggravated Damage. (All Damage essential)
- Brand (Defense 3) deals Aggravated on initial hit and then Lethal Damage there on after.
- Burn (Defense 5) deals Aggravated Damage.
- Cleave (Vengeance 1) deals Lethal Damage, aggravated when a Flaming Sword is conjured.
- Surge (Vengeance 4) confers Supernatural attribute bonuses found in Mummy the Resurrection: Core book page 80.
- Smite (Vengeance 5) deals Aggravated Damage.
- Spiral (Deviance 5) deals Aggravated Damage.


Lost Creeds

The two Lost Creeds are tentatively allowed for Players to portray as Player Characters. However, there are requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to be allowed to do so. Waterproof knowledge about Lore and Mechanics, an exceptional application and other factors I intentionally will not explain further. You're either capable of handling a character as complex as one who belongs to one of the Lost Creeds, or you're not. 

That being said, I do want to point out the possibility of manifesting Edges of the Solitude (Hermits) and Deviance (Wayward) paths, even as Imbued that belongs to one of regular Creeds. Given the closeness of the Waywards and Hermits to the Heralds, manifesting Edges of their paths comes with limitations for those who don't share mentioned closeness. These limitations come in the form of insanity, as usual for Imbued who decide to go the extra mile to be granted powers they could only have dreamed of. Without further ado, the limitations are as follows: 

Solitude Edges:
- Minimum Vision Virtue Rating of 4
- One Derangement for each Edge learned if your Primary Virtue is Mercy or Zeal (i.e not Vision)

Deviance Edges:
- Minimum Vision Virtue Rating of 4
- One guaranteed Derangement for the first Edge, regardless of Primary Virtue
- One additional Derangement for each Edge learned beyond that if your Primary Virtue is Mercy or Zeal (i.e not Vision)

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