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Wraith Mechanics

Hello, Sinful here you adorable ghosties!

I will be adding rulings in the near future. Stay tuned!!!

Wraith Players! Mechanic Updates.
1) You get a free dot in Lore: Spirits at character creation.

2) Shadowguides, you shall use this conversion chart to purchase things with Freebies due to White Wolf's error.
(Made from Specter chart and modified a bit)
Shadow Creation FB Chart:
Dark Passions: 2 FB per dot
Angst: 2 FB per dot
Thorns: FB Equal to Thorn Cost per dot

Wraiths, involving XP costs of new Arcanoi.

You may roll your mentor background rating, after meeting with your mentor, to reduce the XP cost of the new Arcanoi level by the number of successes you roll. You must document your thoughts in developing your new Arcanoi in the justification portion and the attached roll result. This is all per the rules on Pg. 368 of the Wraith 20th Edition rulings on learning new Arcanoi. You can only attempt this roll once a week.

Wraiths, be sure to view page 146 in the W20 book to determine what allied guilds you benefit from and to what degree when determining what you can get for Guild specific Arcanoi.

Hey Wraiths. I've been meaning to post this. Here's the guilds place in Stygian society.

Greetings Spooks and Haunters!!

I'm happy to announce that apart from the current Orpheus character creation in the back of Wraith 20th, I will be allowing the Orpheus Core for creating a different kind of Orpheus operative. Either Orpheus playstyle is perfectly viable, but I like to open the door to various avenues. Please, enjoy reading both!!

I just realized that I didn’t write this out. Lol Well good evening Spooks and Haunters!

Just so new and fresh wraiths to the south know, you will not be building your shadow. The task of creating a shadow will fall upon me, the ST. I will choose the type and it’s build to reflect the character’s dark passenger. (Yes, I used a Dexter Quote)

Furthermore, creating one’s character will include everything else but shadow creation.

Greeting Spooks and Haunters,

Addressing the whole supernatural senses gifted to the restless dead. The natural characteristic of sharpened senses will allow a wraith to benefit from the acute senses merit, since all your senses are cranked up to 11 for life and death as per the natural characteristics gifted at base. Since White wolf dropped the ball on explaining the decreed difficulty, this should help make things much more clearly. This can only be used with perceiving and not with abilities that have a stated difficulty that addresses the set difficulty in itself.

You may not take this merit, neither the 1 pt or 3 pt. There will be no stacking you dang munchkins. :p

This being done is due to the fact that White Wolf has the mechanical means of how their other innate abilities are used, while sharpened senses is pretty much left untouched.

However, as the natural ability does specify that loud noises effects this. In an instance that there are loud noises this is negated. The noise must be something on par with the sound of heavy machinery, gunfire, and stuff to that degree.

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