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IC Monday Morning News Article

Mysterious String of Disappearances Lead to Police Investigation
By: Izabelle Kendall

On the Evening of September 29th, 2018 roughly a dozen students disappeared from a series of clubs in Jacksonville Florida. Students from Jacksonville University and The University of North Florida disappeared late into the night. Friends of these students have insisted they were all outstanding students who wouldn't wish to run away. The dozen missing person cases has lead to a call to action by both universities and by local parents. The police investigations are being lead by Detective Maxwell Clemons of the Jacksonville Police Department. A hotline has been opened at 1-800-###-#### for any information about these missing students. A reward of up to $1,000 will be awarded to any information that leads to them being found.

(Below are a list of Names and pictures of the 12 missing students)

Bertha Watt, Korey Holcomb, Chandler Eaton, Ira Peterson, Hamzah Amos, Tolga Pollard, Mairead Conner, Tiegan Whitehouse, Leigh Villanueva, Iosif Macleod, Eben Dunkley, Hallie Bates

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