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Buying, crafting and obtaining wonders - stimtheone - 01-08-2019

Wonders. Every mage player wants at least one, and even non-mage players might find some use in them, but the crafting requirements can be steep, and by the time you get mileage out of it, you have no miles to give it. Mages often trade in the service of crafting wonders or keep a stock. Here are the methods one can find themselves with a new wonder:

XP - Wonders are very much a background, and in the case of some, it might be the only method to get them. For its full price in XP, one can obtain a wonder through a short, personal storyline, with full ST assistance, and such a request should not be mundane at all.

Purchase - Tass is most often used to trade for wonders, with prices depending on the actual wonder and its worth in background dots. Such a purchase should make some sense, and you should either have a crafter willing to make it or a supplier willing to sell it.

Craft - If you have sufficient ability in Prime, you may craft wonders yourself, paying the price in quintessence as needed. Such a crafting process should involve a good number of rolls to do so

Price of wonders:

Artifact/Talisman/Periapt/Fetish/Tome - 5 tass per dot

Trinket/Charm - 3 Tass per dot. Charms are bought in batches of 10

Tomes are a previously used form of a grimoire, where copying a grimoire gives you a tome, which does not have an arete score, and will not help with a seeking, BUT still contains the requisite knowledge for increasing spheres at a discount. Copying a tome will give an ordinary, if fascinating book, that will not help with increasing spheres. Copying a tome from a grimoire costs nothing but time, but in the process much of the spark is lost, and a third hand account has lost it completely from unintentional small details that are lost.

A tome has a wonder rating equal to its total dots in spheres divided by two (rounded up), so a Mind 4, forces 3 tome would have a wonder rating of 4. This can create the situation in which the tome can have a higher wonder rating than the grimoire itself, but the value of the grimoire is that not only it can help one skip a seeking, but also produce tomes without limit. Due to this, grimoires are usually not for sale, and tomes are not bought unless requested, their potential mass production actually devaluing them.